Sweet & Spicy in the Kitchen!

Does Sweet & Spicy in the kitchen come to mind when you think of the word cowboy? How about Cowboy Candy!

My husband planted jalapeño plants this year, and to my surprise it has just thrived in our backyard. I was baffled as to what I was going to do with all these peppers. With canning constantly on my mind, I thought there must be something I can do with jalapeños.  After not much searching, I came across Cowboy candy, and heck, if it has the word ‘cowboy’ in it, I am SOLD! Ahhhh a cowboy….sorry back to the topic here, sweet & spicy.

I tend to go a little overboard when creating some dishes, for example I think 10 lbs of potatoes are needed for a family of 4 for a mashed potato dinner for one night. The jalapeños were no different, I need more! I called around to some local ‘homegrown’ veggie shacks and hit the jackpot at this little well established farm in the neighbouring community, called Wong’s.  I had a 20 lb box of jalapeños plus ours from the plants of my hubby’s. It was now time to get down to business. First and foremost, I needed a pair of latex gloves for this job, as I know from watching others, your hands with BURN if you are slicing multiples.


With my recipe in hand from Old World Garden Farms I was ready! I knew from the moment I had started chopping that I should have purchased the Kitchen Aid 13 cup food processor for all the chopping, that I had been so mesmerized with on the shopping channel!


During the process of boiling the liquid, I was a bit concerned with the colour, but not to worry if you do make this recipe, it works out, and does not stay orange, your jars will look beautiful.



All jars sealed, which is always music to my ears. The delight it brings me when this happens! And the smile in my heart to see my shelves being filled with the preserves from my kitchen. I just love doing this with my daughter, as she takes what she learns to can for her husband in the future.

I cannot wait to try this sweet and spicy treat on burgers, dogs, crackers and cheese, in chili’s and whatever else I can find!